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Building Memories


6-12 Month Milestone

Capturing Growth

You want to remember every detail of your little one...

The early days of parenthood are filled with countless fleeting moments that deserve to be cherished forever. My goal is to capture the genuine love, joy, and connection that you share as a family when welcoming a newborn, celebrating a first birthday, family events and holiday cheers.

From tender cuddles to tiny toes and sleepy smiles, I’ll document every precious detail with care and attention to ensure stunning results.


My photography style emphasizes brightness and simplicity, incorporating both posed and spontaneous shots in uncluttered surroundings for optimal results. For baby and family portraits, I prefer using a neutral-toned parental bed and a well-arranged living room couch. Your home doesn’t need to be perfectly staged; a lived-in feel is welcomed. Simply tidy up and stash away clutter to prepare. Opening blinds and curtains to let natural light flood in enhances the brightness and beauty of the photos.

While I prioritize capturing natural moments, I do have a few props available, such as letter boards and wooden blocks, to add a touch of charm. Additionally, I can provide hand-knitted wraps to complement your baby’s swaddle. Let me know your color preferences and your baby’s name. Fresh flowers or cherished family blankets can also enrich the photoshoot. I’m open to discussing any specific details or requests for your session, and all family members are encouraged to participate.

How to dress?

When it comes to the outfits, for both parents and the newborn, I suggest keeping them neutral. Think creams, soft blues, blush, and gray. This way, the colors don’t reflect too much on the skin, and the focus can be on you all and not the outfits. If you’re comfortable wearing a flowy sundress (even in winter), bonus point to you because they photograph the best! Make sure you have a solid outfit ready for baby (a white swaddle is always a great option) and perhaps a second outfit that shows a bit more personality. Make sure you have backups on hand for both you and baby! Unexpected blowouts or a big spit up might happen!I also suggest keeping some of the bedding lighter colors. But of course, if your bedroom or nursery is colorful, that is fine as well! A pop of color can do wonders, especially in the pillows and artwork.


For a smooth session, we will have a well fed baby at the time of appointment. Start feeding your baby 20 minutes prior, diaper and outfit changed. Be prepared to bonus feed if baby gets fussy! If you have an older sibling in the family, set them up with a snack and maybe one of their favorite movies or activities. This will keep them distracted and the shoot relaxed and focused on baby (at least for part of the shoot!). Then we can welcome in the older sibling(s) after we get the shots we need of the new bundle!

When to schedule your session?

Newborns often have a growth spurt soon around week 2 and embark on cluster feeding. Digestive gripes and baby acne can kick in. That’s why I aim to photograph newborns before that 12 day point. 7-10 days means I can photograph your newborn at their most tiny, and at their most comfortable. Given this short turnaround, be sure to reach out to me as soon as you give birth to ensure availability. The best time of day for in-home newborn photos is during the daylight, and usually in the morning hours. I always suggest 9-10 am, since this gives us the best morning light, and it can often mean a well-rested little one! This time of day is always when the baby is typically happiest (as the afternoons and evenings are when the witching hour and fatigue can hit everyone.

How much does it cost?

Your 45 to 60 min professional home session works with a flat fee of $400 within Brooklyn, an outer borough travel fee may be charged depending on distance.. This package includes 50+ fully edited digital images in High Resolution. Printing options are also available. Upon booking, I do ask for a down payment of $200 via PayPal, Venmo or Zelle (tight to my email or phone number), this is how I secure your session. The remaining fee is due the day of the shoot.

Time to book

I hope this step-by-step will contribute to help prepare for this grandest life event you are awaiting ! If you wish to go ahead and book your session, please reach out asap to ensure availability by the time your baby turns 2 weeks. I am sure looking forward to meeting you and your littlest one!


Exceptional Experience with Noémie!

“We had the absolute pleasure of working with Noémie for our newborn photo session, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. As first-time parents, we were naturally a bit nervous about the process, but from the moment we met, her warmth and professionalism put us at ease.

One of the things that we liked the most was her incredible patience and expertise in handling newborns. She handled our baby Ryan with such care and gentleness, and it was clear that she had years of experience working with infants. This allowed us to relax and enjoy the session knowing that our little one was in good hands.

Noémie’s creativity and enthusiasm was natural! She had a knack for capturing those precious, fleeting moments in such a beautiful and artistic way. We were amazed at how she was able to make even the simplest of setups look absolutely stunning in our home.

The organic and natural feel of her pictures was exactly what we were looking for, and we couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.
In addition to her talent, she was also responsive to all of our questions and she went above and beyond to ensure that we were completely satisfied. Overall, we recommend Noémie to anyone in search of a newborn photographer. We are so grateful to have these beautiful memories captured so beautifully.
Thank you, Noémie for an unforgettable experience, we can’t wait to have these hanging in our wall. 😊”
The O’Reillys
(Rob, Luna, Ryan and Marcela)